Monday, November 3, 2008

A.b.O.u.T L.i.F.e

In my own world,
The loneliness of my heart….
Coerce me to think about...
The sacrifice of mom and dad that whispered me
That taught me to be a person…
A person that can make
A hundred of glooms
Turn out to be a thousand of smiles
A person that can
Bring hundreds of strong and vivid light
Become a thousand of twinkles and sparkle star
At that moment…
A minute reflect me…
That I’m not alone in my own world
But I am the person,
That born with lots of love and lime of light
That can bring up life
Like a moon that can brighten the gloom and the darkness of night…
Grown to be a memorable and precious moment of life…….

p/s:- nie la sajak first aku yg menang dlm pertandingan PoEm..kat UTHM..hehehehehe...tak sangka plak kn..huhu..